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The Science

The Science Behind Attenuate

Attenuate was developed by a team of board-certified physicians who have devoted their careers to the public health and obesity medicine treating the serious health issues caused by being overweight. Patients eager to achieve a healthy weight want and need safe, medically sound, and scientifically proven products that will reduce their appetite, promote fat burning, control cravings, and help them lose weight and keep it off. And after extensive testing and research, the Attenuate team has created a series of products that, when taken as directed, do just that.

Here's How it Works

Garcinia Cambogia 

The featured ingredient in Attenuate is Garcinia Cambogia, a naturally sweet tropical fruit from Southeast Asia and India. But it’s the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) found in the fruit’s rind that contains the scientifically proven weight-loss benefits. It functions as a competitive inhibitor of the metabolic enzyme ATP citrate lyase which results in a metabolic signal to be sent to the brain's hypothalamic eating center to register a sensation of "metabolic satiety and fullness" that reduces appetite, decreases hunger and helps control food and carbohydrate cravings.

Attenuate features the medically therapeutic and clinically and physician recommended effective dose of HCA at 4500 mg, 4x the potency of any other Garcinia Cambogia supplement on the market. This dosage is clinically proven to have the following properties:

  • 3x more effective than diet and exercise alone
  • 44% increase in serotonin levels
  • 25% reduction in daily calorie intake
  • Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA



The second component of the Attenuate formula includes Zychrome: 
A unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids: Chromium, Niacin and L-Cysteine. This powerful combination helps improve insulin sensitivity, promote healthy insulin levels, normalizes blood sugar levels, and helps to support pancreatic function to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Proprietary Formula

The combination of these powerful ingredients, bound to the minerals calcium and potassium, ensure optimal gut absorption and greater efficacy. Attenuate’s proprietary formula has been clinically tested and medically evaluated to:

  • Reduce fat uptake and increase fat breakdown to significantly reduce bodyweight, decrease hip size, and lower LDL cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”) and triglycerides.
  • Decrease fat cell formation and accumulation of intercellular fat to produce weight loss more than 3 times better than a placebo after 8 weeks of treatment.
  • Significantly reduce Ghrelin, the hunger-inducing hormone, to produce the satiety-promoting benefit of ‘fullness’.
  • Increase the insulin-sensitizing hormone Adiponectin which is associated with a reduction of the risk of developing type 2 Diabetes.
  • Increase thermogenesis to help enhance fat metabolism.
  • Enhance insulin’s stability and effectiveness.

- Weight Loss Over 8 Weeks -



- Impact on Insulin Sensitivity -